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Sod replacement services for Wesley Chapel, Lutz, Land O’ Lakes, New Tampa, Zephyrhills and surrounding areas. We offer free quotes for sod installation. Our quote will not only identify recommendations for improving your lawn, but it will also outline the process of how we work. You may need the entire yard replaced, or it might just need some patching. And…sometimes, sod isn’t the answer. If the sod needs to be replaced in an area that it has under performed in the past, we can suggest other options. We install muck base St. Augustine for both sun and shade. We also install muck base Empire Zoysia for full sun and mostly sunny yards. Through our business relationships, we can also make arrangements for a proper fertilization program and an irrigation tune-up if needed. At the end of the day, not only do we want to install new sod for you, but we also want to ensure it’s the right type of sod installed in the proper place at the right time of year. Call The Garden Gnome today to come by and inspect your yard.

Sod Replacement FAQ's

When should I think about new sod for my lawn?

In Florida, the climate and growing conditions can vary, but generally speaking, the best time to install new sod is during the growing season when the grass has optimal conditions for establishment. In Florida, the warm-season grasses commonly used for lawns, such as St. Augustine, Zoysia, and Bermuda grass, thrive in the warmer temperatures. Here are some considerations for when to install new sod in Florida:

  1. Spring: Spring is often an excellent time for sod installation in Florida. The soil is warming up, and there is typically enough rainfall to support the establishment of new sod. Installing sod in the spring allows the grass to establish strong roots before the hotter summer temperatures arrive.
  2. Early Fall: Early fall is another favorable time for sod installation in Florida. The weather is still warm, and there is a decreased risk of extreme heat stress compared to the peak of summer. The fall months provide a good balance of warm temperatures and sufficient moisture for root development.
  3. Avoiding Extreme Heat: It’s generally advisable to avoid installing new sod during the hottest part of the summer, especially if your region experiences intense heatwaves. Extreme heat can stress newly installed sod, making it more challenging for the grass to establish roots.
  4. Hurricane Season Considerations: Keep in mind that Florida experiences hurricane season, typically from June 1 to November 30. While it’s not impossible to install sod during this period, you may want to plan around potential storms and heavy rainfall, which could affect the success of sod establishment.
  5. Local Climate Factors: Consider local climate factors in your specific area of Florida. Different regions within the state may have slightly different climate patterns, so it’s helpful to be aware of the local conditions.

Before installing new sod, ensure that the soil is properly prepared. This may involve removing old sod, addressing any soil issues, and providing adequate irrigation. Additionally, choose a grass variety that is well-suited to Florida’s climate and your specific site conditions.

Keep in mind that proper care and watering are crucial in the initial weeks after sod installation to promote root development. Following recommended maintenance practices will help your new sod establish a healthy and attractive lawn.

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