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Our Process: How We Work

You’ve called the Garden Gnome, and our office manager, Manu, worked with you to schedule a convenient day and time for us to meet and discuss your project.

What happens next?

The Garden Gnome arrives for our appointment and we discuss the size and scope of the project. During our initial conversation, we walk the property, ask questions, and potentially make suggestions to both get clarification and get feedback regarding what you like and don’t like for your yard. The size and scope of the project outlined in the quote could be as simple as doing cleanup work (e.g. pulling weeds, spraying for weeds, trimming plants, etc.) or something more robust like a total landscape renovation.

Towards the end of our conversation, the Garden Gnome begins the quote by counting and measuring the yard or the part of the yard where the work is to be done. Then, we’ll document our proposed action plan; in most cases, this plan will be accompanied by a simple, hand-drawn map to show the layout of the new landscape.

Before we leave, our consultant will reconnect with you and walk through the proposed actions in the quote while answering any questions you have.

Keep in mind: we normally are able to do the quote on site, at the time of our conversation. There are, however, times when extenuating circumstances may require us to finish the quote at our office; if this happens, our consultant will get your email address and we will send you all of the information to the email address you provide.

At The Garden Gnome, we are here to listen to you and to write a quote based on your concerns, desires, and needs. We love our clients and look forward to working with you.

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